terrebonne parish eoc award of merit
AIA Award of Merit

Terrebonne Parish Emergency Operations Center

by Architects Design Group

This 15,000 sf Emergency Operations Center located near the gulf coast of Louisiana is the initial structure creating a threshold into a developing municipal complex for the parish. The center is defined by the two metal wedges juxtaposed against each other to create a dynamic space in-between. This in-between space serves dually as an outdoor environment where users can get relief from the intense incident command center environment during an activation and a protected passage into the safe room. Both of these interior spaces are expansive volumes where a large group of decision makers will assemble during an emergency event. Their large volumes are expressed as zinc wedge forms in stark contrast to the smaller ancillary blocks that house the support spaces within the building.

The dominant form opens itself to the street at the south end of the building forming the public entrance lobby. Carving the entrance from the form emphasizes the only public area within this highly secured compound creating a naturally lighted lobby atrium. The floor plan is organized around the circulation spine which extends from public entrance lobby past the command center and terminating at the safe room. The command center form projects strength allowing only vertical slit windows for security, privacy and durability.

Jury Comments:
Simple and well resolved. Scale was interesting. Well-articulated for a steel building.